February 22, 2024
eBay account for sale

An eBay Store allows you to save on eBay fees if you submit more than 250 listings each month. Subscribing to an eBay Store also grants you access to tools for developing your brand. Your listings will appear on an eBay page, also your storefront with your name and  URL. Choose the eBay account for sale.

Improve Brand Identity:

To effectively market your brand, a business account allows you total control over the look of your store name, logo, billboard, and company description. If you already sell in many locations, you should set up to improve brand recognition and drive growth.  After all, “73% of companies are investing in design to change their brands,” according to Adobe.The eBay account for sale is the best option, because it has more benefits.

Become a Best-Rated Seller:

A business account is required to get accepted into eBay’s Top Rated Seller program. Becoming a Top Rated eBay seller boosts listing visibility by raising the probability that your listing will appear at the top of eBay users’ search results pages. These sellers also benefit from the ability to show their “Top Rated Seller” logo on their listings, which helps to establish trust and confidence in eCommerce buyers.


Registering a business account can help you to avoid trouble with your country’s tax authorities while saving you a lot of money.

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Increased Selling Capabilities:

When you initially register an individual account, eBay imposes selling limitations on new sellers, which might be as harsh as a cap of 10 items per month.

Greater Selling Privileges in Crisis Situations:

At the height of the COVID-19 outbreak, we’re updating this page to note that eBay has temporarily banned specific products to commercial sellers exclusively. For example, you cannot sell toilet paper if you do not have a business account. Go through “What eBay Sellers Can anticipate During the Coronavirus Pandemic” for more details.

Advantages of Selling on eBay:

A Massive Market:

Currently, eBay has 183 million active users. While this places it a distant second to Amazon, it still represents more than half of the US population. That’s an enormous amount of exposure for your product listings, which means your sales potential is nearly endless.

Outstanding SEO:

Although eBay may not rank as highly as Amazon on Google, it does have excellent search engine optimization. If you search for antiques or, more notably, PEZ dispensers, you’ll quickly discover eBay. That implies there’s a good possibility people may search for your goods on Google and end up on your product’s listing without you ever creating a website.