December 1, 2023
garden pots

Gardening has become a newly profound hobby these days. Rather than following a random trend, people are realizing how peaceful it is to cater the plants and be around them. The flowers freshen up their minds leading to a healthy intellect. Repotting, watering and planting varieties of fruits, flowers and vegetables have been an excellent mode of recreation. Taking care of plants isn’t a cakewalk if one speculates thoroughly. Planterettes or flower pots or plant pots are the abode which have to be chosen carefully.

There are several types of plant pots available in the market based on size, shapes, color and materials. They are,

  • Coir pots- One of the best eco-friendly pots as they are made out of coconut shells. They are biodegradable and contain a high level of porosity.
  • Plastic pots- The obvious kind that people prefer as they are affordable and lightweight to shift anywhere in the house.
  • Hanging pots- In urban areas, space is a real problem and these cute hanging pots add a nice effect to the décor. They have a drawback though of not holding up much water in the plants due to their small size.
  • Metal pots- The strong durable ones that last for many years offer an elegant look.
  • Decorative Urn- Another set of pots that are known for their creative patterns and styling to give normal plants a lively look and make eye-catching.
  • Railing pots- To adjust within small areas these railing pots can be fixated and hence don’t occupy the ground space.

garden pots

It may be an easy task to buy plant pots for the garden but it is quite necessary to look over the weather conditions and temperature before selecting any plant. Other important factors while choosing a suitable pot are,

  1. Porosity- The more porous a pot is, the more air a plant can breathe.
  2. Size- Planterettes may come in all sizes but if you plant a big shrub in a small one, it can damage the roots degrading the entire thing in a few days.
  3. Drainage- The correct amount of water drainage is necessary as excessive might lead to moisture loss and low rate can reduce the oxygen supply to the plants.

In Singapore, there are some unique kinds of plant pots available that are not only graceful but beneficial to the plants as well. They are,

  • Hydria pots
  • Bolia Botanique
  • Bau pots
  • Hay botanical
  • Slinky pots