February 22, 2024
Medical Marijuana

Is Marijuana Good?

It’s possible you didn’t want that short and definitive answer. This negative response isn’t a general bias. You can experience negative effects from marijuana on your aura, your soul, and your spiritual growth. These insights are not common because people who speak on this topic, regardless of their beliefs, lack the subtle energy sensitivity necessary to explain what happens to your energy fieldĀ Thc detox after you use marijuana.It is possible to agree with these conclusions regarding the inadvisable use of marijuana. However, it is important to explain why marijuana is problematic, as otherwise the argument can become sidetracked. You can take one example…

Considerations For Marijuana Addiction

Avoiding marijuana is often justified by the argument that it’s illegal (at least as of the writing of this article) and therefore a dangerous substance. There are many historical reasons marijuana was Thc detox illegalized, mainly because of the economics behind hemp.Hemp is an affordable substitute for paper, oil and many other products. Legal hemp would also be an economic competitor in many industries. Many large companies are trying to demonize cannabis so that the public will believe that hemp and marijuana must remain illegal.

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Another reason that people who are against marijuana use it is because they don’t believe it’s as safe as alcohol. It is possible to detect spiritual problems in alcohol by subtle energy sensing. There are also unfortunate similarities between marijuana and alcohol, particularly in the way they negatively affect the auras and souls. Despite the differences in the behavior of people smoking and drinking, the fundamental issue is the same.

Both marijuana and alcohol can disrupt the soul-body connection.

Proponents of marijuana use a variety of arguments to support their decision. They all are based on beliefs that may seem to be acceptable at first. The problem with marijuana is the fact that it causes Thc detox a separation between the body, and the soul.

Proponents of marijuana say that smokers are more peaceful than alcohol drinkers. Although this is easy to observe, it doesn’t prove that marijuana users are able to create an energetically fragmented aura. The fragmented aura of marijuana smokers makes them appear calm, but it comes at a cost. Smokers have a fuzzy aura that prevents them from feeling their emotions fully. Understanding this will reveal a more positive explanation for their preferred method of emotional suppression.