February 22, 2024

Surgery is a frightening term. Nonetheless, it is sometimes the most effective choice available. You’ve come to the correct spot if your doctor has advised surgery for your perianal fistula. A perianal fistula is a tiny tube that develops between the anus and the skin surrounding it. An infection of the anal gland is the most prevalent cause of a perianal fistula. Yet, there are other causes. Symptoms might range from anal itching, burning, and discomfort to pus or blood discharge. You could even get a fever or chills. Following surgical removal of an anal fistula, you must be able to get around and eat and drink once the anaesthetic painkilling medicine has gone off. Hence, it is vital to know about fistulotomy surgery before itself.

How critical is fistula surgery?

A fistula surgery may not be as urgent as a heart attack procedure. But that doesn’t mean it should be put off. Furthermore, in the case of an abscess, doctors normally advise rapid treatment. In instances when there is no abscess, it is feasible to postpone fistulotomy surgery for a few weeks. It’s also worth noting that doctors seldom conduct surgery if your fistula isn’t producing symptoms. In this instance, surgery might be delayed and performed only after symptoms appear.

Is fistula surgery painful?

The operation to repair a fistula is not painful. Then again, who doesn’t? But, you may have some discomfort and agony in the days following the procedure. This is related to the area’s inflammation and edema. To alleviate the discomfort, your doctor may prescribe pain medication.


It’s also critical to follow your doctor’s post-operative care recommendations. This may entail taking warm baths, utilizing stool-bulking substances such as bran, relaxing, and avoiding intense activity. This will assist to lessen the amount of post-operative pain and suffering.

Generally, the severity of your post-operative discomfort will be determined by the type of operation used and the intricacy of your fistula. Also, if problems arise, such as faecal impaction, or delayed wound healing, your discomfort may be worse than normal. It is critical to seek prompt medical assistance in all of these situations.