December 1, 2023

Buying and wearing a diamond jewel is mostly a dream for many and if we search for the kind of jewels available under the diamond category there are many that existed. Earrings, Bands, Pendants, and tennis bracelets are some of those. In these, let us see some of the facts about tennis bracelets.

The name called tennis bracelet itself is history. In the year 1987 during the U.S open a tennis player named Christ Evert wore a diamond bracelet and played a game.  In between the match he was taken a break because her bracelet was broken and a piece was missing. Since the U.S Opening match was interested the news was spread and became viral and during the post-match session during the interview the player Christ Evert mentioned the bracelet as a “Tennis Bracelet”. From that onward that particular design of diamond bracelet she wore during the match is called the “Tennis Bracelet”.


The tennis bracelet is available in the market in three major designs called, channel, Prong, and bezel. In each and every design the diamonds are kept in a particular place to make difference in light reflection, fire, and sparkling.

  • Channel Design: In this type of tennis bracelet the diamonds are placed in between the two metal supports. These two metal supports will hold the placed diamond tightly and will safeguard that during usage. But in this design fire and sparkling will be limited since the metal supports obstruct the light.
  • Bezel Design: In this design, each and every diamond was secured by a metal cover. Since individual diamonds are surrounded by metal safety was ensured. But the drawback of this design is the light sparkling is minimum because of the metal surroundings.
  • Prongs design: In this type, the prongs are used to hold and secure the diamond. Generally, 2 prongs, 3 prongs, and 4 prongs tennis bracelets are available in the market. In this design the reflection of light will be more and sparkling will be maximum.