September 24, 2023
virtual event companies in Singapore

My experience over the past two decades working in marketing and advertising has given me first-hand insights into the challenges and technological advances that affect how we approach marketing today in virtual event companies in Singapore. In the case of Google, for example, when ad buying was revolutionized, brands overhauled their media planning and buying strategies. As events have become digitized and virtual and hybrid event experiences have become more and more common, the industry has also had to shift.

As the senior vice president of marketing and communications at a company that provides a virtual event platform, adding a virtual component to events has major advantages over traditional virtual event companies in Singapore. Virtual events have a reach that is exponentially greater than in-person events since they are not restricted to a specific location, so your audience can be from anywhere in the world.

It is possible to measure engagement, and you can collect real-time data post-event that can be analyzed post-event to help guide future events and develop smart, targeted marketing strategies. An important part of this analysis is determining who talked about similar topics, who took part in polls or games, which booths attendees visited, which discussion rooms or networking opportunities were the most popular, and so on.

virtual event companies in Singapore

By analyzing these data points, you can determine what was successful, what should be utilized or repeated for future events, what areas did not perform well, and how you can change your event to make it more successful. A virtual event can provide those opportunities in a way that is more powerful than in-person events ever could with smarter matchmaking, which has been the focus of in-person events for decades.

In addition to creating specific discussion rooms, you can see what conversations are happening in chat or identify which questions multiple attendees ask and who visits specific virtual booths. Then, you can use this data to find out who has similar interests and connect them. Alternatively, you can hire a virtual networking moderator who will facilitate the discussions between attendees and help break any awkward silences that may occur so that meaningful conversations occur and relationships are formed between the participants.