April 17, 2024
franchise website design

Web designing is the process of creating the overall look and feel of a website. It involves components like the appearance, layout and content of the website usually focusing on the user experience of the website rather than the software development. It entails the creative aspect of a website like how a website will look- the colours, fonts, graphics, interphase and such.  franchise website design is very important for any organization because the user traffic depends upon the design of the website.

Why is web designing important?

A website reflects the brand. The first thing that we do to know about a brand is to open its website. A perspective about the brand is usually made after visiting the website. A first impression stays for a longer time, so to create a better brand image; the website needs to be designed meticulously. An engaging and strategically designed website will attract more users and help convert those users into prospects. To stay on top of search engine rankings, investing in web designing is important. Google pays attention to how much a company is focusing on websites and thus a shoddy and poorly done website will go down on the google search rankings.

What to keep in mind while designing a website?

  • Colours – The very first thing that attracts a user’s attention is colour. For a company which already has its brand colour, stick to them for the website too as a brand colour is aligned with the brand identity. For the company which is new in the market, first choose the colours based on the brand image which the company wants to form. Select colours which invoke emotions and thoughts in people. For example, blue represents trust and security; red represents intensity and fierceness while yellow, orange and brown are associated with something cheap or inexpensive.
  • Layout – Always keep the website simple and neat. A cluttered design is less user-friendly, more chaotic and difficult to navigate. The design should always draw attention to the most important parts. A drop-down menu based on the users’ preferences also helps to make the website more engaging.
  • Fonts – The font should be easy to read and easily visible on the background colour. The font represents the brand personality whether it is serious, youthful or professional. Younger generation would prefer bold and stylish fonts as against the older generations clean and simple ones.